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Best place to buy a gaming laptop in TH/BKK?

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Looking to go get a gaming laptop today. Generally do desktops but will be moving more often so gonna do a laptop instead.


What's currently the best brand for gaming laptops and where in Bkk should I go look for one?

Have about $2-2.5k USD (+/-) budget


Currently looking at JiB



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Do you need to game while traveling? If not, you might want to consider a non-gaming laptop with Thunderbolt and an eGPU. You can get much better performance at a lower price point.


NewEgg ships to Thailand now so check out them. MSI has some RTX 3070 laptops within your budget.

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   I favor Asus. TUF or RUG model with Ryzen-7 5800H, min. 16 GB Ram, min. 512 GB M.2 SSD, RTX 3070, 17.3 IPS with 144Hz. Can upgrade RAM to 32 GB and has a 2nd M.2 slot.  The cooling system is more efficient and quiet with less dust accumulation.

   At a slightly higher price, an MSI with similar configuration.

    As for where to buy in Bangkok, I can't help you. On purchases such as this, I do in-store research at JIB, Advice, etc., then purchase online usually at a better price.


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Panthip the new one. Quite a good selection from various stores. May be able to find a bit better bargains along with quick swaps at it without having to come back again.

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