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B2 visa


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Whoopsie - I just reposted this in the Visa section - don't see a way to delete it here.

My GF will be applying for a B2 for the US before long and we're doing our homework. 


I have some questions regarding the invitation letter, which I've understood to be a required part of the application. 

A guy in a different forum (visa journey) said "An invitation letter from you will not help get her a visa since invitation letters are not considered."

Agree? Disagree? 


I'm in Chiang Mai on a non-O that's good through Dec 2021. The plan is to go in late May, return early September. 

My plan for the invitation is to specify where we'll be going, my reason for for the trip, show my re-entry permit, show I've been visiting Thailand for 3-6 months every year since 2014, provide proof I have funds to cover all expenses, show proof of 600K baht in Bangkok Bank, show my long term lease agreement here in CM and possibly a return ticket. 





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