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  1. The policy in Thailand is to hospitalise you if you test positive. Make sure you've got plenty of money ready just in case. I doubt they will accept any argument against this so if you test positive you will be sent to hospital for treatment (AKA 'national safety great nation Thailand') immediately.
  2. I bet you've been saying that for the last 10 years about crypto and completely ignored it all along. Even a 1% allocation 10 years ago could have dwarfed everything you have elsewhere 100's of times over. Congratulations on being such a great success
  3. Nothing I once sat having a few beers while some local idiots chased each other around fighting and hacking at each other with machetes just down the road, one dead in the end. What did I do then : nothing. Why? Because it's none of my business.
  4. Taking a casual glance there at first I thought I was looking at a map of Africa and the locations of this new variant instead of a model of the virus... The general shape is really quite similar.
  5. I think a kind of reverse 'Hanlons Razor' applies here. Lets call it Somchais Razor : "Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice"
  6. Well I did a one day overstay once and that's what happened, there was no fine and I didn't get an overstay stamp in the passport but it was quite a few years ago, maybe 7 or 8 years back. That's the way it was always done, however the law regarding overstays changed a few years back. I suggest you wait for additional information from people who've done a 1 day overstay this year and disregard anything else as potentially out of date including what I said above about how it always was.
  7. Absolutely not - I removed the rest of your unrelated waffle. I was pointing out that restaurants and shops have been randomly closing all year - most of them by force due to infected staff. It spreads like wildfire between staff as they often hand around together and eat together after work. The reason being that covid is everywhere
  8. Restaurants and shops have been 'randomly closing' on and off all year long. Very little is normally announced (with a couple of notable exceptions) when it happens, but rest assured the closures are 100% due to covid infections among the staff. I could cite one example in Hua Hin where they posted on their facebook page about the deep clean and subsequent reopening after a staff infection but I won't as they took a lot of flack for doing the right thing by the looks of it. Most people will not do the right thing, they will find out about the COVID case using an instant test, th
  9. They likely won't need to bring it back for all countries to keep it out - because it will be in already and once that happens, well - there's no need to quarantine because it's here already. However since delta hit Thailand they kept quarantines in place for many months without any good reason. So they may do it but there will be no need.
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