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As a bachelor, I find it better to go eat at a Mall of a food stall.

In most Mall's/food stall's I can eat lunch, rice with 2 toppings, for 30 to 40 Baht.
Delicious; No need to spend hours on cooking; No need to clean everything afterwards; Etc.

But after visiting the Mall/Food stall for years already, I need to tell the waiter every time again "nam duay krap".
If I don't say this, I get everything served WITHOUT sauce.
In my country, we love the sauce sometimes more that the rest of the food.
The potatoes soaking in gravy.
Why do the  the waiters serve everything without sauce in Thailand?



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I've never experienced that anywhere, perhaps it's that particular stall, or it might be that your expectations are greater than what the stall deems a correct amount for the price...especially at the 30/40 Baht range you mention.....................

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I've never noticed that actually. But it reminds of a stereotype that Chinese restaurant owners have of Americans in the U.S. That we need everything to be in a gloopy sauce, preferably overly sweet.

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