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Phuket sandbox COE process

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I am trying to do all the steps in getting my COE correctly the first time when applying. Please will someone correct me if I am not understanding the steps that I will take in order regarding booking the prepaid PCR tests.


I will get my first Pcr test in my home country no later than 72 hours before flying to Phuket. I will get my 2nd Pcr test upon arrival at the HKT airport in Phuket which I do not need to pre book on the Thailandpsas.com website.


I will need to pre book only one Pcr test on the Thailandpsas.com website for day 6 or day 7 of my stay which I need to submit only that prepaid test (day 6 or day 7) to get my COE from the Thai embassy in my home country. Is this all correct as far as the Pcr test to get my COE?  Thank you

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If you're flying into Singapore to get to Phuket, then you'll need the PCR 48 hours before first departure. 72 hours before first departure to HKT. It's an imperative to know what the advisements and requirements are for each leg of the itinerary.  


Schedule and payment for 2 PCR's on the PSAS site. 1st at HKT, 2nd one (day 6 or day 7) at a site of your choice. I chose a place closest to my accommodation, first thing in the morning.


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