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The Malaysian government will punish anybody who refuse to take the Covid-19 vaccine

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According to Malaysian Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, anyone who do not have good reasons to refuse the Covid-19 immunisation would be punished.

"Sorry to say, if you choose not to be vaccinated, we will make life extremely tough for you."

"It's fine if you can't be vaccinated.
After presiding the Serdang Hospital's 11th National Acute Myocardial Infarction Course on Saturday, he said, "We grant MySejahtera digital exemption" (Oct 16).


He claimed that the painful points would extend beyond not being able to eat in restaurants or buy in shopping malls.

Next week, some of the more vexing aspects of the National Testing Strategy will be revealed.
There are also proposals to make it mandatory for those who choose not to be vaccinated to have their Covid-19 tested on a regular basis.

"If you opt not to be vaccinated, we will most likely need you to undergo frequent testing for which you will be charged," he stated.


"Although Malaysia is unlikely to impose a national immunisation requirement, it is considering sectoral mandates.

"For example, we've talked about it for a long time that some parents are anxious about bringing their children back to school because certain teachers refuse to be vaccinated.

"As a result, we discovered that it cannot be limited to the school sector alone, but must also include the public sector.
As a result, the director-general of the Public Service Department has issued a circular mandating that all federal personnel be vaccinated beginning November "he stated


He went on to say that such sectoral mandates should be used in the private sector for individuals who need to work in an office.

Those who require a Covid-19 vaccination booster shot in order to perform the umrah can apply to the Health Ministry.
The same is true for people who require a specific booster shot in order to meet the requirements of other nations to which they will travel.


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1 minute ago, ASEAN NOW Content Team said:

"Sorry to say, if you choose not to be vaccinated, we will make life extremely tough for you."


Who'd of thought a year and a half ago that we'd be here, governments forcing people to take injections and openly threatening their livelihoods. 


Boggles the mind that people put up with it, and theres even people who cheer it on. 


By all means get vaccinated, but if for some reason you dont want to, that should also be your choice. 

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