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On November 30, the government will begin quarantine-free tourism in Sihanoukville.


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From November 30, Cambodia will adopt a sandbox program that will allow those who are completely vaccinated to visit Sihanoukville, Koh Rong island, and the Dara Sakor Resort in Koh Kong province without having to go through quarantine.

Tourists who plan a stay of at least five days at these vacation spots will be eligible for the Quarantine Free Safe Tourism package, which will let them to go anywhere in the country if they test negative for Covid-19.


Top Sopheak, a spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism, told Khmer Times yesterday that the Vaccination Tourism plan aims to attract international visitors to the Kingdom by eliminating the need for them to quarantine in hotels.


"For these quarantine-free visits, there are two possibilities. One is that international visitors must travel to these destinations as part of a group trip package. The other is for high-end tourists, such as families or small groups," he stated.


Visitors must fly directly to Sihanoukville rather than through Phnom Penh International Airport, according to Sopheak.


He went on to say that after the five-day tour package is completed, overseas visitors would be allowed to visit the rest of the country at the designated locations after PCR testing shows they are free of Covid-19.


In January, the plan will be extended to Siem Reap, according to Sopheak.


Upon arrival at the airport, visitors on these vaccine excursions must undergo a brief Covid-19 screening. If the results are negative, individuals are free to travel in "safe tourism" destinations while adhering to severe health precautions.


Sopheak also stated that the ministry is investigating the idea of permitting quarantine-free visits from Thailand, which will begin offering this type of tourism on November 1.


This comes after Prime Minister Hun Sen urged the ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry on October 22 to examine into enabling Thai aviation passengers to enter Cambodia without having to go through quarantine.



"The government is working on it right now to see if it's possible to allow Thais and foreign visitors to fly into Thailand without having to go through quarantine," Sopheak added.


The reopening of selected places for vaccinated travelers, according to Cambodia Association of Travel Agents president Chhay Sivlin, is a first step toward reviving the tourism sector, which has been hard damaged by the virus for over two years.


She claimed that many businesses were harmed during this time due to a decline in tourism as the country battled the terrible epidemic.


"I believe that following the government's declaration, private and connected tourism firms will ready to welcome tourists back." Businesses that have not yet done so have more than a month to ready for international tourists, according to Sivlin.


According to Kheang Phearom, a spokeswoman for Preah Sihanouk, the sandbox idea is a fantastic method to reopen the country and revive the national economy.


"I am quite satisfied with the framework that was just announced," he said, adding that provincial authorities will work harder to ensure that they are ready to welcome back international tourists.


"Officials will prepare and teach all people, particularly business owners, to be properly prepared by ensuring standard Covid-19 prevention standards are in place, and we will strengthen services to welcome tourists pleasantly," he added.


Hor Boramy, the proprietor of Sweet Dream Koh Rong Hotel, expressed his happiness yesterday at the framework's removal and reopening to international tourists.


"Since the Covid-19 epidemic and the tourism industry collapsed, we haven't been able to get any revenue, and business isn't doing well either." "We only get local tourists," he explained.


"The framework will begin at the end of next month," he said. "I am thrilled, and I will have my hotel ready and equipped to safe SOP levels to warmly welcome the travelers."


Pheang Bun Kea, the owner of the CS Tour firm in Preah Sihanouk province, claimed Wednesday that the epidemic forced him to halt operations due to a shortage of tourists.


"I am very optimistic that Vaccination Tourism will revitalize the business in the near future. "I'm going to relaunch my business and rehire all of my previous employees to resume our tour services," he stated.


"Under this strategy, I will work with foreign tour organizations to provide services to tourists visiting the Kingdom," he continued.


Credit Source: Khmer Times


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