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More than 70 tuk-tuks have been seized by Daun Penh officials.


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The authorities in Daun Penh took steps to decrease traffic accidents by seizing overcrowded transportation tuk-tuks and educating the drivers.

The authorities confiscated more than 70 of these overloaded tuk-tuks in order to reduce traffic accidents and damage to the area's scenery. On November 3, the drivers and owners of the vehicles were transported to the Daun Penh District Hall to be educated.


The tuk-tuks were confiscated under the supervision of the Daun Penh District Governor, Sok Penh Vuth, according to Chap Dina of the Daun Penh District Administration. The operation was comprehensive, taking place on all of the district's streets.


The tuk-tuks, according to the Administration Director, were breaking the rules. Steel, construction materials, and agricultural products were all delivered in these tuk-tuks. They claimed that the tuk-tuks were causing traffic jams.


This is one of the steps made to beautify the city ahead of the ASEAN Summit. The tuk-tuk drivers were not allowed to enter the district.


Credit Source: Khmer Times


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Oh, so without education FIRST, they take away the living of some of the poorest people.

How do they qualify after "re-education" (How Sino), to retrieve their vehicles and support their impoverished families?


Sounds a little like moving the homeless(permanently with a bullet) before dignitaries arrived in Sth American dictatorships 


We do not want to be embarrassed in front of the neighbours  


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