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Vaccine options in Thailand, As of November 2021


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I'm trying to get vaccines. However, there are issues for some people, for example:

  • Sinovac and Sinopharm aren't accepted in many countries (so even if you are fully vaccinated, but one of the doses is Sinovac, you will be considered as not fully vaccinated/unvaccinated).
  • Some countries don't accept mixes (although more and more are).
  • (Also, blood clots with AstraZeneca are mostly common with younger adults.)


Accepting what you are offered is not a good idea for some people and in some cases.

Some would even prefer to pay for their vaccine shots, but even that seems to be difficult (with Moderna, taking a lot of time and other difficulties, for example).


From what I've come across, these are some of the vaccine options in Thailand at the moment:

- Sinovac - AZ

- AZ - Pfizer

- AZ - AZ

- Moderna - Moderna (Bangkok/Chiang Mai, private hospitals, around 4000฿ for 2 shots)

- Sinopharm - Sinopharm (Bangkok/Chiang Mai, paid, private hospital)

What are current vaccine options in Thailand at the moment (please mention province, if free/cost)?

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I got AZ-AZ totally free at MedPark hospital, Bangkok. Had to register online of course, and as I live in Korat I had to drive a total of 1100 KMs to get fully vaxed. Friends of mine got Pfizer vax at Central in Korat. Other friends in Pattaya have had 2 shots of Pfizer free. Others I know went to Bang Sue and got free AZ. My Thai wife got Sinovac-AZ at the local hospital. Seems there's plenty of free vaccines around now, and even walk ins. Yes, some countries are not accepting sino vaccines, even though they are approved by WHO, better for farang to take AZ/Pf/Mod.

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