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Last week in the Consular team #22

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As Thailand is now open for international tourism, we have published a video on the Embassy’s UK in Thailand page with important information for visitors to Thailand. We also shared a post about what support we can provide and how to contact us when you need urgent help. 


Now that some Covid-19 restrictions have been eased, the team has been able to do more physical engagement work with Thai authorities.


Last week our IDC team visited Immigration Bureau Division 2, TAC Suvarnabhumi Airport, and two international airlines to thank them for their support for vulnerable British nationals travelling through Suvarnabhumi airport and for facilitating the deportation process.


In Phuket, one of our Vice Consuls and two of our Honorary Consuls attended an important meeting hosted by the Phuket Governor to discuss approach and protocols for rape and sexual victim handling.


The majority of our case work over the last couple of weeks was to provide support to families of Brits who have passed away in Thailand. We also dealt with 5 welfare cases, 2 arrests, and coordinated with hospitals on providing support to 7 British nationals. Our IDC team managed to do a physical visit to the detention centre after almost a year of providing support to detainees there virtually. During the visit, the team successfully coordinated with IDC officers to facilitate a deportation of one British detainee.


In the office, our notarial team provided 40 affirmations of marriage, 38 certified copies of passports, 8 affirmations of residency, and 2 certified copies of driving licences. We received a lovely compliment from a customer who received our service at the Embassy - “The service was great and a very pleasant experience”.


We usually share our activities details and photos on UK in Thailand page so please feel free to follow the page to stay up to date of what the team and the Embassy are working on. 

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"Now that some Covid-19 restrictions have been eased, the team has been able to do more physical engagement work with Thai authorities."


Looking at UK Government Press Releases etc - Its clear that the majority of the cabinet (and their followers) have been globetrotting all over the place - despite the above restrictions. Therefore its odd that this has prevented consular staff, in-country, from doing more physical engagement work with the Thai Authorities.

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