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Another arrest in fraud case involving gang who tricked Songkhla monk out of 140,000 baht


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Picture: Daily News


Thailand's cyber police announced the arrest of a Thai woman named as Phisamai, 45, from Roi-Et, mixed up in a call center gang's fraud of a monk in Songkhla in southern Thailand. 


She opened an account that was used by the gang. She was arrested in Soi Charoen Krung 109 in Bangkok.


Earlier a man called Suchart, 44, was arrested at Pahonyothin police station, reported Daily News


The monk named as Phra Kornwich Watchirayano from a Hat Yai temple was conned into believing that he was wanted by the authorities for money laundering because of a suspect package intercepted by authorities. 


People posed as officials at a transport company and someone with police connections to get 140,000 baht out of the monk.


He transferred the money to the gang then through a network of accounts to hide its provenance it wound up in an account opened by Phisamai. 


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1 hour ago, olfu said:

My understanding of Buddhism monks not suppose to have money or involved in public life.

It was likely money from family - this is a variation on a very common and old scam here - wanted by police but money can make it go away.  Only requires most basic bio data (which is all too easily obtained here) to make a story that is often believed, even by those with no such involvement.  In most cases not real police involved but they are tarred and people become even more paranoid.  

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Well they are out begging 8 days a week, in my village at least.


I heard a cracker last week on the buddha day I said to my wife there were a lot of people all in white at the wat, and she said, oh yeah, big buddha day u have to take a bag of rice and if u can't do that u must give 150 baht, I was astonished.

So now they have put a price on making merit.



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8 hours ago, webfact said:

People posed as officials at a transport company and someone with police connections to get 140,000 baht out of the monk.


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