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  1. As they were so near to the toilets, beating the sh.i.t outta him would have been appropiate.
  2. I am just thinking how patient I need to be, given the latest panic over Omicron covid and lockdowns and what not, should I just keep waiting or try another phone just to check the process is happening?
  3. I have held a basic account in the UK for over 20 years, and since coming to Thailand I have used online banking to access my account. I have a little keypad that enables me to put in a 6 digit code everytime. However I recently tried to buy something online and a OTP was supposedly sent to my phone, I didn't receive it, so I thought OK, lets try the mobile HSBC app. Downloaaded it and tried to login, got all sorts of questions and wasn't diligent enough to remember my answers, so when I went back to online banking it told me I had'nt completed my secure digital key activation. OK so back
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