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Married in Thailand. Want divorce in Thailand, but now O/S

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Hi folks, I got married to a Thai lady and moved back to Australia with her but we separated.  Divorce in Australia is a bit expensive and it will be complicated by needing a translation of our Thai marriage certificate and so on. So I imagine it will be much easier to get a divorce in Thailand .....the only problem being that I am now in Australia and not planning to go back to Thailand.

Could someone please advise me on how I might do it remotely ? Are there agents who will help for a fee ? Or are they likely to overcharge, compared to what they do ?

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Is it possible to do it myself, from here in Australia, without too much trouble ? I am not even sure where she lives now, though it is somewhere here in my hometown. We have no joint assets and no children.

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Suggest you read some of the other topics /responses in this sub forum.


Start with this.....



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