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Mayoral secretary shot in head while family watch TV


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Thai Caption: The moment (a man) was shot in ambush


Sanook published a shocking video showing CCTV from an outside area at a house in Moo 7 Nong Nok Khai, Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon on Wednesday.  


The video can be viewed by following the link here.


It shows a completely normal family scene as a man attends to paperwork in a plastic chair next to a relative reading and another watching TV.


A shot then rings out and the man slumps. The family soon realise that he has been shot in the head. 


Narongrit Kaetkaew, 58, is still in ICU after surgery. 


Sanook reporters went to the house yesterday and spoke to Bee, the victim's granddaughter, who said that her grandfather had just been to a funeral, come home, had a shower and was checking some papers while sitting in a plastic chair around 9 pm.


She had no idea where the shot came from though she suspected it was from someone who was in a banana orchard 50 meters away. 


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Picture: Sanook


She said that her granddad is involved in the orchard business selling fruit and vegetables and for the last year had taken on the role of mayoral secretary in the local government. 


She said he is a lovely guy who is fun to be around and never mentioned any problems in his life. 


If he had any he would only tell his wife but she was unaware of any difficulties.


However, Bee felt sure this had to do with local politics. 


She said everyone was profoundly shocked by what had happened and called on the police to solve the case quickly.


Krathum Baen chief of police Pol Col Serithakan Janduang said that both his men and the provincial police were taking the case very seriously.


Forensics had been on the scene gathering evidence and the CCTV at the house and CCTV in the area would be used to try and catch the person responsible. 



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1 hour ago, Liverpool Lou said:

"Professional hit", "well-paid professional", "well-trained army sniper"


...or an accidental stray shot.

Glad you didn't write ... or an accidental suicide.

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6 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

Police search orchard find gun tied to tree, long piece of fishing line from the trigger to grandpas left foot...suicide.

Now that you put it that way...

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5 hours ago, webfact said:

and for the last year had taken on the role of mayoral secretary in the local government. 

somebody didn't like his politics and that confirms that in politics one doesn't make friends

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9 hours ago, tomazbodner said:

For someone to hit him like that from distance, this was a professional hit. And having not shot anyone else, likely a well-paid professional, well trained former or current army sniper.

Yeah, good for you. Let it out. Let all your wild imagination free.

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