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Retirement to Work Visa??

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I've been in Thailand for a few years on a Retirement Visa, but now I have a company that wants to hire me but only if I go onto a work visa with them. Are there any issue switching from a retirement visa to work visa?  Or issues switching back if things don't work out?  I want to avoid any need to leave the country as I have a wife and kid to take care of.

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You cannot change your non-o visa entry to a non-b visa without leaving the country.

You could change the reason for your extension of stay from retirement to working for a company. The biggest obstacle is getting a work permit application done to obtain a work permit application approval letter that would be required to do the change.

Changing back to a extension based upon retirement would not be a problem.

If you are married to a Thai and had a extension based upon marriage you could get the work permit with that type of extension without a problem.

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