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Cabinet Endorses Car Seat Tax Waiver


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by Paul Rujopakarn


BANGKOK (NNT) - The Cabinet has endorsed waiving import taxes and customs duties on child car seats until the end of next year, in order to promote safety and reduce family expenses.


The waiver comes ahead of the September 4th enactment of the 13th Land Traffic Act, which requires that children be placed in car seats when riding in vehicles.


Government Spokesperson Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana said the waiver will take effect from the day it is announced in the government gazette to December 31, 2023, with the previous rates of import tax and customs duty to apply from January 1, 2024, onward. The move aims to reduce parents’ expenses while promoting safety through the use of car seats.


The 13th Land Traffic Act will take effect on September 4 this year. The bill stipulates that children aged 6 and under be placed in car seats when inside a vehicle and imposes a fine on violators.


Thanakorn said most child car seats on the market are imported, as there are few suppliers in Thailand due to previously low demand.


He also said the Federation of Thai Industries expected domestic demand to increase due to the Land Traffic Act, which improves the outlook for Thai firms looking to invest in car seat manufacturers.



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They can afford two huge cars but no loose change for a kiddies' seat? 

Having said that, it remains a fact that I brought in three such car seats from Europe for my three children back in the day. Then it was not the duty or (then non-existing) VAT, it was the pure greed of department stores like Central. They offered the same (European) seat for not less than seven times the price I paid in Germany - 30 years ago, when visiting friends there. 

And, trust me, the Germans are not known for giving away children seats without a profit margin ........

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Local manufacturers will be gearing up to produce affordable child seats but it is likely the quality will be in-line with that of the plastic brain buckets currently on sale. With no establishment and enforcement of a safety rating for child seats I can see no long-term improvement in preventable child trauma involving motor vehicles.

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No link to an original article.


1. Below  what age is a child supposed to use a child seat?


   Below what Height is a child supposed to use a child seat?

2. Is there a list of approved child seats

Link to Thai official requirements please not personal opinion or what the law is in another country or what the seat manufacturer says (which will vary).


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23 hours ago, Peterphuket said:

You forgot to mention: without helmet.

That goes without saying.

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So are we making child seats that fix to the basket on the front of a Honda Wave yet?

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