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Tourist Visa from South Korea

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Someone has asked a friend of mine that he wanted to extend his tourist visa and  obviously went to Immigration office and they asked him for proof of funds and as far as I know came in on a normal tourist visa.
He is not married to a Thai and think no one can help him and obviously has no Thai bank account.
Any advise appreciated.

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It is very unusual for Immigration to ask for proof of funds when doing a standard 30-day extension of a tourist entry (including visa exempt). I suspect he was looking for a 60-day "Covid" extension, rather than the virtually 100% automatic normal 30-day extension. If a normal extension, he should check into a hotel in another province for one night, and apply for the extension there. If he is looking for a "Covid" extension, someone here can probably advise on a good immigration office to use if we know his current location.


There is an outside chance he might be on a Special Tourist Visa (STV). Special conditions apply when extending that, and the issue might be that he could not show the required insurance.

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As for a tourist visa from Seoul, I have not seen any recent reports. However, the rules back around 2018-2019 were that you could, in principle, apply. However, they would refuse to provide a tourist visa to someone who has recently been in Thailand as a tourist.

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Is your friend a Korean citizen? If yes did he enter visa exempt and get 90 day stay under a bilateral agreement.

If not Is he on a tourist visa or did he enter visa exempt?

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