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Prawit To Be Named In Lieu Of Prayut As Palang Pracharath’s PM Candidate


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Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, right, and Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan, left.


By Thai Newsroom Reporters


DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER-cum-Palang Pracharath party leader Prawit Wongsuwan will likely be named partisan candidate for head of government in the next general election, a coalition MP confirmed Friday (Oct. 1).


Pracharath MP Veerakorn Kumprakop said Prawit will likely be named one of a trio of Palang Pracharath candidates for head of government besides Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and the other partisan contestant in the nationwide election which is largely expected to be held early next year.


The MP of Nakhon Sawan said Prayut can no longer be pitted for prime minister who might otherwise be legally allowed only to run the country for a two-year time following the next general election, given yesterday’s ruling of the Constitutional Court on his eight-year tenure which will last until 2025.


Full story: https://thainewsroom.com/2022/10/01/prawit-to-be-named-in-lieu-of-prayut-as-palang-pracharaths-pm-candidate/



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Prayut could not have run as leader in the next election anyway.  As long as they have the 8-year limit it will in fact help change the head at the top.


As stated though the problem is not the PM he really has little control.  It is the people under him and the people on the outside that back the party.


Just as the Dem p[arty before it this PPP is built by the money people and the military.  


What is gong to be interesting is how the little parties that aided the PPP do in the next election.  Will the people still support them or will they go to a new party that is not PPP affiliated?


That is the only way that you are going to stop Prawit from becoming PM.


Remember PPP does not have to win the election for him to be PM they just have to come in second or a really close 3rd.

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I was going to say it's an excellent choice as few people would vote for such a CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED gentleman, but I forgot that the PM here doesn't need to be elected by the people, or even stand for election as an MP.

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7 hours ago, hotchilli said:

I think it's a perfect choice... sealed their fate for sure.

Yep. To be expected.

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber. 



Some of us wiser folks will be awaiting the next [insider] coup. 

Shakes things up a little bit, though the theatre remains the same.

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