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Woman dead and three injured in UK pub shooting


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Police officers remained at the scene on Sunday morning


Police are hunting for a gunman after a woman was fatally shot at a pub on Merseyside on Christmas Eve.


Three other men are being treated for gunshot wounds in hospital after the attack in The Lighthouse in Wallasey Village, Wirral at about 23:50 GMT on Saturday.


A number of other people were also injured, police added.


Full story: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-64088175



-- © Copyright BBC 2022-12-26
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6 hours ago, IAMHERE said:

In England I was under the impression gun ownership was completely illegal.

It is completely legal to own a gun but it is heavily regulated.

You must also prove to the chief of police that you’re allowed to have a firearms certificate and pose no danger to public safety or to the peace. No history of mental illness or criminal record.

A shotgun certificate will not be given or renewed if the chief of police has a reason that you should not be allowed to have a shotgun under the Firearms Act. Or if they do not think you have a good reason to have, buy or acquire a shotgun.

Usually, shotguns are used by farmers to get rid of vermin. Olympic shooters are another group who need guns. In high school, before it became more difficult to get a certificate, I shot .303 rifles and reached sharpshooter rank. There are many gun clubs today.

Not sure why people think we are not allowed guns but without a good reason, not many want to have one.

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My father bought a shotgun for me when I was 16yrs old growing up in Michigan. Only shot an occasional bird or two. Went to college and onto my career, my father gave it to my uncle. After traveling and working here in Thailand and 7 other asian countries, decided to back to the US just before COVID.

As I'm not getting younger I decided I needed to do 3 things.


1) buy a hand gun

2) buy a motorcycle

3) go skydiving


Shooting that handgun scared the <deleted> out of me, I cannot fathom how these people in the US are carrying, robbing and shooting people.....I go to the range every week since COVID to up my comfortableness.(?)


It was super easy to get a gun since I have never been in trouble, but getting a concealed carry is another story.

I think all of these thugs carrying illegal guns should be 25+ years in prison.

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