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Is there something like a Thai wiring code available in English language ??


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Just wondering, when I look at my current rental, (an basically all other houses I had seen so far), you get your main 30A separator, if anything's blows you put a new (fuse)plate in.

In the more advanced installations, you have usually a box with a couple of fuses (20A, seems to e the Standard), and than usually about everything hangs on that 20A fuse, no matter what kind of wire is actually chosen.

Doesn't matter much anyways, the common practice is anyway to operate the 3000W table grill from the socket with 2 extensions where one of them has less than 0.75mm2.

I got myself now this fancy box, with RCB, 10 fuses, 2 of them with only 10A, that's why I choose it, nowadays with LED's you could light up the whole f....g village with 10A.

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Nothing in English I'm afraid, even the Thai wiring code isn't structured like BS7671 (UK) or AS3000 (Aus) so a translation really wouldn't be of much use 😞 


If you want an English language standard to adhere to you could do worse than use AS3000 (.pdf copies are readily available online). Oz has similar climate and wiring accessories to those here so it's a pretty good fit 🙂 


The UK uses some wiring structures (such as ring-finals) which really don't work here (to the point of actually being a hazard) and the NEC (US) is so prescriptive and US-centric as to make no sense here.

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Oz build in Chanthaburi.

Built to AS3000 spec with some assistance. (Thanks Crossy )

2 years old, no tingling, lightning arrestor seems to be working.

We have 2 buildings with a CU and 10 breakers in each.

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