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Picking something I know nothing about is never easy. It seems each large store you go into, each salesman says a different brand is best. I know some are inventivisied to sell brand X more than Y which can make it difficult to believe what they all say!


We are looking for a range hood, gas hob and oven. Don't necessarily need to be the same brand.


Shop X said the Franke hood and hob was the best in our price range, strong and good quality.


Shop Y said Fotile as the hood is much more powerful and quieter and cokes with a 10 year motor guarantee. He also said the gas hobs were better.


Shop Z  recommended Mex. He said the hood is better than the Franke and Fotile ones since they don't have a filter so their motors get very dirty with all the grease.  The Mex filters can be removed and cleaner.  He said that parts of the hob on the Mex hob are removable, and hence good as easier to clean.


I assume all glass hobs should be equally easy to clean, the glass that is.


In terms of reliability and ease of cleaning the glass on the hobs are the same.


Does anyone have any experience with these brands. Could do with a "Which" report on these or some independent expert reviews like they have for laptops, TV's, etc? 😂

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We have a 2 burner Häfele hob a 2 zone Häfele induction cooker and a Häfele extractor,


The gas hob has worked, the induction cooker has had the fan ‘stop control’ fried by lightning (I will install a remote switch for the socket sometime) it still works. I just need more rountits, the extractor was initially replaced due to motor noise, it’s sill noisy but better.


If the extractor were a standard size I would replace it when it dies (if I don’t die first 😉 )

If either of the 2 cookers died completely I would probably get a replacement Häfele unit if available.


We don’t have an oven but do have a Philips Air Fryer and an ‘add water’ toaster along with a microwave 

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