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Thai man goes to the press alleging attack by underlings of politician - fears case will go cold


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Daily News Thai Caption: Associates of a politician?


Daily News reported that they were contacted by a Grab driver called Sinpachai or Neung, aged 41, who claimed he was physically assaulted by people working for a well known provincial politician.


Neung said he was with his girlfriend enjoying themselves at a Pak Kret nightclub just after midnight on Saturday night.


A burly man on a table of ten nearby suddely pushed a chair in his direction for no reason prompting an exchange of words. neugh said they were wearing jackets that identified them as working for a provincial councillor in a certain province.



Picture: Daily News


The situation was soon over and before going home Neung was having a cigarette outside when he saw the other party get into a Ford with Uthai Thani plates and a Yaris with Rayong plates.


He was asked why he was following them. He pointed out he was just smoking a cigarette and minding his own business.


he was then attacked by 7-8 individuals who piled out of the cars and assaulted him in the head.


Neung went to the press fearing that the alleged assailant's political connections would protect them against prosecution.



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21 minutes ago, webfact said:

Neung went to the press fearing that the alleged assailant's political connections would protect them against prosecution.


conclusion:  sinpachai or maybe neung  would not have gone to the police if his assailants had no political connections

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It's either the case going cold or him. That's how things are being done here when dialing with some "politicians".


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He is likely correct. Politics equates to power here, and the law seems to have little interest in pursuing those in a position of power, unless there is international news, or a great embarrassment to this weak, feeble and morally bankrupt administration. 

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