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Google Translate for UK Visit Visa

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I'm putting together a UK VV application for my wife. She's had 3 successful apps. over the past 13 years.


Most of the documents that require translation can be carried-over from previous apps. but there are 2 that are new for this app. - her monthly pension statement and recent bank account activity. Both very simple docs.


Both translate very easily with GT and I'm inclined to use this rather than wait for an independent translator, signing both myself and acknowledging GT.


I'm her sponsor and will pay everything apart from a very small amount for her personal expenses which can easily be provided from her bank account. 


Anybody tried with GT and either succeeded or failed miserably in getting the VV?



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The UKVI requires that any supporting evidence that is not in English, or Welsh, must me translated into English by a qualified translator, who must stamp the translation with the details of their qualifications, I don’t think they’ll accept Google Translated copies.


There are numerous translator's in Thailand, especially in big towns and Cities, some will accept scanned copies of the originals via email and will send the hard copy of the translation to you by EMS, as well as sending the scanned stamped translation via email, useful if your wife intends to upload her own supporting documents.

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