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Thai man loses his life over 600 Baht


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A shocking incident unfolded in the Srirang district of Nam Som, Udon Thani province, Thailand, at a brick and limestone factory. Mr. Kraiwith, a 45-year-old local resident, was found dead with a gunshot wound to his left chest. He was discovered lying in front of the factory, dressed in a blue t-shirt and long jeans, clutching 200 Baht.


The man wielding the gun was Mr. Teerapong, a 32-year-old Thai national living in the nearby Nang Nua village. After the incident, he fled but was captured on the factory's closed-circuit cameras.


According to Police Major General Chakkraphon Wijitwiyathai, the chief of Nam Som police station, the victim and the gunman were coworkers, and at 4:00 PM, Teerapong demanded 600 Baht from Kraiwith, who did not have the money to repay, reported Sanook.


In frustration, Teerapong assaulted Kraiwith, and when their coworkers tried to intervene, Kraiwith insulted Teerapong's Thai heritage, prompting Teerapong to shoot him once in the left chest.


Teerapong subsequently fled but later turned himself in at a local accommodation. He admitted to using a homemade firearm in the shooting and disclosed that he disposed the weapon in a nearby pond. The authorities are still searching for the weapon.


Teerapong is now facing charges of "intentional homicide," and further legal proceedings will take place tomorrow.


-- ASEAN NOW 2023-09-30


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2 minutes ago, Henryford said:

What's even stranger about this story is that Teerapong must have taken the gun to work at the factory, as you do!

Fairly common AFAIK.


I know a couple of lads that conceal carry daily.


One at my old place of work used to put his in his office drawer when he got to work.

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2 hours ago, Henryford said:

What's even stranger about this story is that Teerapong must have taken the gun to work at the factory, as you do!

You can't imagine how many Thais routinely carry guns when out and about.

I've known a few Thai judges/lawyers/police/gangsters, all carrying 24/7.

Beware the man bag!

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