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Border run to singapore?

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A friend of mine (Israeli passport) stays in Koh Samui and thought about doing a 'border run' by plane to Singapore, staying there for a few days and then coming back. will he get visa exempt at the airport for 30 days? possible after to extend with another 30 days at immigration? any specific items needed to enter Singapore?


Thank you!

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5 hours ago, Phillip9 said:

He shouldn't have any problem with that plan as long as he hasn't spent a lot more time in Thailand recently than you mentioned.  He will get another 30 days and that can be extended 30.


There is some form you have to fill out online before entering Singapore, but it's quick and easy.

thank you,


by the time he leaves samui to singapore he would use his one entry tourist visa (2 months) plus 30 days extension in the immigration. before that he was in europe for a long time. would that be okay at the border? or will they give him problems?



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If it is the first time no problems. If someone has already history of visa and/or visa runs, SG is not the friendliest as far as I remember from this forum.

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