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Signed up to use immigration autogates at KUL - Highly recommended if eligible

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I had found out about this only recently from a comment under a YT video of a flight reviewer missing his flight at KLIA due to being stuck in the immigration exit line for one hour. I had not heard before that as a passport holder from one of of the 10 eligible countries, I could apply for this and as a frequent traveller to Malaysia this would make things so much easier.


Arrived on Thursday evening - my 3rd time ever since the digital arrival card was introduced and asked an official in the arrivals hall about using the autogates. I was directed to the nearby immigration office where they took my fingerprints and presto! that was it. From now on, I can use them all the time (digital arrival card still required). I immediately used it to enter (& exit the next day), it takes about 10 seconds now. 😀


No more stamps in the passport too, which is another benefit, as even with extra pages, a 10 year pp lasts me only about five.


The eligible "you've been good girls & boys" nationalities are:


Australia, Brunei, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United States and the United Kingdom



P.S. Thailand should do this but they never ever will.

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Autogates only exist at the airport. But once you are in the system, you can use them, is my understanding. I don't see why you couldn't use them then to exit at KLIA but best to confirm this at the airport with an immigration officer.

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