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Anybody suddenly had problems buying online with Krungsri card ?

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Until last week I never had problems buying and paying online with my Krungsri card but then my card was rejected by Supersports. "No big deal" I thought, it's probably a supersports thing and just changed the order to COD. Then on Friday I got an SMS from Krungsri telling me to register my card via their app for online shopping. OK, maybe the bank has changed something and I need to reset or something. So I follow their instructions to register but get a message saying that transaction is denied, please try again later. Tried later several times, each time no good. There was a call center number but I HATE talking to call centers...."dial 1, dial 2, please wait for the next available operator.....your call is important to us, please wait...etc etc" never mind any possible language problems.

 So today I went into the small local branch where I ended up with the new assistant manager who listens to my problem and then tells me "foreigner cannot pay online". WHAT ? The SMS is in English, why would they suddenly decide my money and card is no good for online use and send me a message to register the card? The staff here also told me that I needed to have a work permit to originally open the account so I didn't believe a word she said today. It was probably easier to bluster and make up some stupid reason than to lose face by admitting she didn't know.

 I guess I will have to ring up the call center, or go into one of the bigger branches in the city where the staff  know what they are doing, but in the meantime has anybody suddenly had problems with paying online with a KRUNGSRI debit card ?

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