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Visa to the uk for thai wife

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Has anyone had experience with getting a Thai wife a visa for the UK, I am a British National and have resided here in Bangkok for a year, ew are now ready to marry and I would like to then return to work in the UK for a period of time to allow more funds to gather in my account back home.

Does anyone have firsthand exp on this subject and what are the chances she will be refused? I used to work for the British Embassy in Phnom Penh but I dont think that will help me as it is on a case by case basis as I see it.


Daniel ???

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I will keep this a brief and as informative as possible, Your situation/circumstances may be different to mine, This how did it,

Met my now wife about 4 yrs ago, Visited her many times, wrote letters, Phone calls etc etc, But it would be different for you as you have been residing in Thailand so easier to prove your daily contact.

Visas we recieved over time were 1.) Applied for visiters visa (rejected). 2.) Applied for a 6 month Fiances visa (Recieved) 3.) applied for 1 yr marriage visa (In UK Croydon) (Recieved) 4.) Applied for Leave to remian permanent visa (By post in UK) Recieved.

First visa was a bitch to get they wanted to know the in's and out's of a ducks arse had to provide the following evidence/documents

- Visa forms completed.

- Visa fees (expect about 25,000 Baht non refundable if visa request rejected but the give you first screening as a block to see if there is any chance of a Visa in the first instance then you can get your money back)

- Your docs (Birth-cert)

- Her docs (Birth cert/House registration) Etc Etc

These need to be translated into English can be done for a few thousand baht.

- Proof of abode in the UK

- Proof that we had been in contact (IE letters/Phone bills/Photos)

- Proof of my UK income/Bank statments & savings

- Letter of reference from my work

- Proof of you G/F's employment in Thailand

- Proof of any income from your G/F

- Letter of invitation from you stating purpose of stay in UK

- Marriage cert

You and your g/f should expect to be interviewed on a seperate basis so the story needs to be straight.

Thats about all i can recall.

But not sure how you would get on, I would surmise that it may be easier for if you marry in thailand first then apply and it may well be easier as you have been living in thailand so daily contact with your G/F is a sure cert.

Depending on how long you intend to stay in UK i'm sure you should be lucky, I think they do have a daily/weekly quota of the number of visas accepted but i may be wrong.

Any other questions just keep posting.

Chok Dii.   :o

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