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Driving License Renewal

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Just a tip for anyone wanting to re-new a driving license.

Went today 6th. to re-new license expiring on the 8th, but was told that you cannot get a 5 year license until the expiry date. Also you now need a residency certificate for a renewal.

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Apply after you old licence has expired and then you get the 5 years.

All you need is passport with current non-imm stamp in it and a couple of photos, and the old licence of course.

Very easy.

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Meuok - can you please clarify your statement about needing a "residency certificate"? What do you mean by "residency certificate"? Do you mean that in order to renew your license you must be a permanent resident? Please clarify.



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What you need is your valid driver licence(national or international),your passport with a valid visa,proof of address(Tabien Ban or certification by the Immigration Office)Two photos,two hundred Baht,a lot of photocopies(passport,licence,etc.).

NO Permanent Residency required!

Of course,as a tourist,you don't need a driver's licence?

Cheers, :o

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