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Website Designer - Can You Recommend?


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A friend in Chiangmai needs a website.

It will be a small website, with only about 3-4 pages but has to be very attractive and graphically pretty.

Can you please recommend a web designer?


My husband owner business about Computer Engineer can make website, update, fixed and repair computer in Chiangmai for all customer too.. you can click and look his site www farang-it-services com all detail on that . But price for make website depend on you want simple, fantansic we can met face-face and make decission again .

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Can anyone recommend someone to SEO an existing website? they must be CM based so that we can have face-to-face meetings

I do SEO and live in CM. I will be out of town until Friday, 7/3 but would be happy to meet and discuss. The SEO I do includes keyword research, sitemap and site submission to search engines, Google Analytics integration, page Title and Description optimization, and advanced techniques such as A/B and multivariate testing of content/images. I can also offer other link-building techniques using a content-based and/or social media approach. I work fastest with Wordpress and Mediawiki cms-based sites, but can do hand-coded HTML/JS/CSS or PHP-based integration. I like to take a strategy-based approach and define the higher-level goals and metrics so that the site isn't just findable, but actually delivers the kind of brand-building and conversion rates that is desired (and realistic).

PM me.

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