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One Night Stand In Patong?


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well, last night I walked down Bangla at about 3:45 am (sober, I swear, was coming back from a friend's party) and the road was as busy as any weekend at midnight. I was once again accosted by that large creature on RatU that sits on the staircase a block from Bangla across the street from TaiPan, so maybe business wasn't that good. I swear this man/woman/beast is like the creature from the black lagoon. She jumps on you and doesn't let go. I will try and get a picture. Snap & run.

Went for Breakfast this morning (mmokay lunch since the office is closed and I didn't have to get up) and wow, it is quiet now. The crappy weather isn't helping. I haven't seen a sunbeam for at least a week and I reckon the tourists are just hunkering down. But, the beach sure isn't crowded like last year. I'd say beach chair occupancy is about 80% when it's not close to raining.

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