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2 Month Gym Membership Available?


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I'll be in Bangkok until middle of march and would love to go workout in a gym. Anyone know one that would allow a 2 month membership? I did it a few years ago at Ambassador hotel, and will go check there again. Just wondering about any other places that might be possible.

My friend is a member at the nice Fitness First in the new Q-House on Sathorn-Rama 4. But they have huge "joining fees" and aren't interested at all in short term memberships.

Thanks, Drew

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you can join True Fitness at Central World for a year at 1799b/mo. (that way you don't have to pay a hefty deposit), and you can cancel at any time by showing them a ticket leaving Thailand. it's a pretty good gym, on the 9th floor of Zen Dept. Store.

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Just want to wrap up what I found about this 2 month gym membership.

True Fitness on Asoke and Sukumit:

Initial offer: 2 months for 4000 Bt total. Second offer was 3000 Bt.

I joined this one, but haven't worked out yet.

They also have free internet through the True-cafe.

But they wanted 1500 Bt/month for locker ?!?

Ambassador hotel

2 months for 1500 Bt total

Pretty sparse equipment.

Only 100 Bt more for locker

and they have a jacuzzi (but sometimes not hot)

Big gym in Paragon (California WOW?)

First offer 4000 Bt join and 4000 Bt for 2 months

Second offer: no joining fee and 4000 Bt for 2 months.

I didn't take it because location wasn't right for me and I couldn't get any wifi to work in Paragon.

Fitness First in Q-house

This was like a trip through purgatory. It took an hour just to start talking realistic prices.

I felt like I was dealing with used car salesmen.

first price: 14,000 Bt joining and 2800++/month

final price: 2000 Bt joining and 2800++/month

The thing is I would have joined for the monthly fee only, but could not get rid of the joining fee. I got the feeling that the joining fee goes into the sales peoples pockets. The salespeople were irritating and useless. So by having salespeople, this company actually has higher prices and less sales?!?

Anyway, I would recommend to avoid this place cause of the price unless you live right around the corner.

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I have found a well equiped gym about 3 mins walk from Phrom Phong BTS on Sukhamvit..nice location,good newish equipment,pool,sauna,squash court ect,havent joined as yet but am looking for a buddy so i can join up monthly at the price of 2000 bht each intstead of 3000 if on my own...anyone interested???

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