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Help Me Find This Cd!


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I am no longer in Thailand, but while there someone gave us a Thai music CD. I want to rip it to FLAC files (better than mp3; if you don't know what FLAC is, google it).

Unfortunately, the CD's metadata (album name, track list, etc) does not get autopopulated by my CD ripping program. What this means is that no one seems to have put this information into www.freedb.org/ before.

I have two other Thai CDs that also are not present in freedb, but a Thai friend was able to tranliterate some of the Thai characters into latin script, and I did a web search, and found their information on www.ethaicd.com/.

When we tried this technique with the CD that I am now asking about, we failed the other night, so I am hoping that maybe you could help.

Here are some of the details from the CD in question:

1) It is a compilation album; some of the musicians are: Tai Orathai, Mike Piromporn, Siriporn Umpaipong

2) it came out in 2004

3) The label is G-MM Grammy-Big, and I think that their website is



4) I think that the Thai on the CD cover says something like "With Love From Somebody Who Is Far Away"

5) Tying in with that Thai, the image on the CD cover is of an envelope with a floral design, then in back of the envelope is a letter, and in the background is a pretty landscape

6) there are 12 tracks on this album

Thanks in advance!

p.s. is this the best forum to ask this question in? I will repost elsewhere if it belongs elsewhere.

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