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Bikes we only wish might someday be sold in Thailand


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Models I'd like to see factory supported:

Honda Transalp - a good alternative to the BMW bikes, much better looking than the ER-6n and more capable off road.


Kawasaki KLX 450 - a real off road bike for those who desire it although the Suzuki DRZ 400 would be a cheaper alternative (and you can get it in yellow)


Yamaha Majesty - granted it's not a motorcycle per se, but would be good for those long cruises


Buell 1125R - early teething problems have seem to be sorted out and it looks like Buell is ready to join the superbike league (I know that someones going to comment that it's uglier than the ER-6n, but my personal preference is that it doesn't)


There's of course the cruisers, but with the exception of the last bike, all those listed should be at 245 000 THB or less based on US pricing.

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Why would you like to see the Yamaha Majesty rather than the Yamaha Tmax?

If the new Tmax is available could someone tell me where please?

Well, for one it's 2 000 USD cheaper. And it gets some 4 MPG better milage despite being a single versus the T-Max's twin (probably because of the 100 cc disadvantage it has). Also, having not tried either, it appears that the Majesty has the more comfortable ride and better protection from the elements. However you can get the T-Max in yellow (so for my fixation).09MS_TMAX_yel_S1_a71fba9e.jpg

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