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Good Day Trips ?


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Well 3 more weeks then I'll be back home agin , I've spent well over my budjet for new parts on my new harley ... but I thought what the hel_l !!!! you only live once ?

Looking for good day trips from phuket can any one sugest any good rides from the Island ? any thing worth riding to have a look at on the main land ?

any one want to join me on day trips please feel free ?


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The problem with most day rides is the out and back nature of the roads.. Also harley riding and cruising makes for limited routes due to the distances of any loops..

Can try off the island, Khok Kloi, 4 eastbound to Phang nga, 415 north east, 401 west, skirt the national park (waterfalls if thats your kick) then around Takua Pa your back on the coastal 4 southbound past Khao Lak and home.. I reckon thats a fullish day cruising not screaming. Tho I have done that road bloody 100's of times with visa runs to Myanmar so not that keen on it personally.. I would look to Krabi or Lanta with an overnight might make for a better feel.. Could even make Satun / Trang coastline if you gave it a weekend.

Theres a few ride groups on the island, I am not really in with any but I know one bunch had flyers up in some of the bike shops for cruiser riders doing day rides perhaps once monthly.

I have a hankering to try a southern / Malay run (maybe late summer as I have promised my first home trip in a decade !!).. Wouldnt mind trying the cameroon highlands / then coast and penang for a few day trek.

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