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A Net Exam For University Entrance


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Friend of mine went to pay for the A net exam which she had already enrolled for, one day late. Although payment date was not written on form - very helpful.

She was told not possible to pay after cut off date, but then seeing as she already has an enrollment number this seems a bit stupid. Girls on the switchboard of the dept that handles the exam, are totally not helpful.

Even saying that postal payments that arrive after the date are sent back.

Seems like a very weird system. Does anyone have any ideas how she can make a late payment, having already enrolled?

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My thoughts exactly. I am going to go and see if I can sort it out for her tomorrow as I have business in Bangkok as well as visiting a sick friend. I actually quite enjoy encounters with Thai bureaucracy, I like the challenge, so we will see how I go. Beats killing a few hours drinking coffee waiting for meeting. If I win it will put me in a good mood (I like winning :o ) and that will lift the spirits of my friend when I go and see her in the evening. She's a bit under the weather.

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