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Overseas Travel After An Operation


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I've done a search of this forum and a Google search and can't find the answer - so I am throwing the question to my friends at ThaiVisa.

The question: On 03 March, I will have a left inguinal hernia operation. Because of the size of the hernia, it can't be repaired by laparoscopic (keyhole) method. I have had a number of laparoscopic inguinal repairs in the past to both sides. I will have 6 weeks off work and I am planning to travel to Thailand just under 4 weeks after the operation. Is this okay? How soon after the operation should I be fit to travel from Australia to Thailand? understand I shouldn't do any lifting for 6 weeks after the operation.

Thanks, Peter.

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There are no commercial airline restrictions to flying after an inguinal hernia operation. Requirements are that you have to be able to sit upright during take off and landing.

You may need a certificate from your doctor if you plan to make use of a wheelchair on and off the aircraft.

Would recommend 10 days to 2 weeks after a relatively "major" repair but this has more to do with wound healing rather than airline restrictions.

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