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Cost Of Transport To Phu Chaisai Resort


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At a recent charity auction in Chiang Mai, I submitted the winning bid for a one-night stay for two at Phu Chaisai Resort in Chiang Rai. After some email negotiation about room rates, we've booked a second night at the resort and are planning a little get-away weekend soon.

I emailed Phu Chaisai resort to inquire about courtesy pick-up from the Chiang Rai bus station. I thought I'd read guest reviews on-line that mentioned free transportation into Chiang Rai city with a resort car & driver. Phu Chaisai responded by quoting a rate of 1000 baht for transfer from the Chiang Rai bus station. I rechecked their website, seeing they've recently changed it and are listing a charge of 1400 baht for transfer from the airport.

These transport fees seem very, very high. Yes, I know the resort is about 30 km from the city, but how long could that trip take? Here in Chiang Mai we can rent a song taew and driver for 100 baht per hour, 1000 baht for the entire day or a driver and a Toyota sedan for 1600 baht/day plus the cost of petrol. If that 1000 baht rate is indeed the standard for a trip from the Chiang Rai bus station to the resort, then we should just rent the Toyota and driver here in Chiang Mai and save ourselves the cost of bus fare while we enjoy a leisurely sightseeing trip on our way to Chiang Rai.

Does anyone have suggestions about a lower cost way for two people to travel from the Chiang Rai bus station to Phu Chaisai resort?

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Last time I took a 'real' Taxi home (approx 50kms) it was about 700 baht. This was from the Airport and I've no idea about 'Real' taxi availability at the Bus station but I would have thought you could negotiate with one of the many Blue pickup/Songtheaw Drivers which hang around the bus station for a much better price. Its going to cost approx 250-300 baht in fuel for the return journey anyway I would have thought.

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