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  1. I made the trip by car in August. The medical service that was part of the ASQ hotel's package did a Covid PRC the day before I left and I was given a folder upon check-out that had all my Covid test results. The hotel arranged for a private car and vaccinated driver. We stopped just three times, each at my direction so I could use a toilet. No eating or drinking in the car. We hit two roadblocks. At the first, the crew was busy processing documents at a table for a carload of people they'd pulled over and after we were ignored for a few minutes, the
  2. The Bangkok Bank at Kad Suan Kaew is practically an anchor store for that mall. A few years ago, the assistant manager of the bank told me that the mall management wanted the bank to move to the third floor to encourage more traffic through the mall, but they refused.
  3. I haven't seen much discussion on this forum about the aftermath of the Bangkok Airways data breach back in July, except some people reporting unauthorized charges on a credit/debit card they used to pay for a flight in June/July and the need to cancel that card. And, of course, there were the usual keyboard wits who joked about "oh, no, now the hackers know my meal preferences!" Is anyone experiencing any fallout or lost any money? I'm sure spending much time getting over the fallout. When we had five unauthorized charges, all within two days, for the sa
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