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  1. Well, he is accused of stealing nearly $1 million, so he can easily afford a higher class environment.
  2. I would think that most contract signings of this type would be in-person events, but with all parties having adequate time to review the documents in advance. This isn't the type of contact where one party signs and sends it off via post to the other for signature.
  3. We use Cat Castle for our little dears. They might accept rabbits, but I serious doubt dogs since they do brisk business in cat grooming, too. Our two soi cats look a little out-of-place among all their purebred, feline beauty queens, but they treat them just the same. They may know of a similar business for dog boarding.
  4. The Immigration people in my home country can be just as reasonable. Hubby and I had a small greenhouse/nursery operation in an area with many such businesses. Our neighbors had much larger operations. One day the Immigration inspectors were out making their rounds. Our immediate neighbors employed many Mexican nationals on some type of temporary work permit basis. I know they had all their documents in order, so the inspector must have finished early and decided to stop by our place. Needless to say, we were surprised they come by our little six-employee Ma & Pa operation, but felt we couldn't stop them when the pair asked to look around. One of our employees was of Mexican heritage. Her mother was born in the U.S., her father in Mexico, but came to the U.S. as a child and was a U.S. citizen. Her parents only used Spanish at home when they didn't want the kids to understand what they were saying, so she didn't speak Spanish and could barely understood. One reason she worked for us, after having worked in larger operations, is that we "didn't treat her like a Mexican", her words not ours. The Immigration people looked over our workforce and asked about her, within her hearing. "Do you have an I-9 on her". My reply, "Yes, I have I-9 forms for all our employees", come to our store and I'll show you the forms for everyone, not just her. Jeesh, talk about profiling. The others could have been illegals from Poland or Hungary for all they knew. (Although not likely in Michigan)
  5. This doesn't seem to be the norm in Chiang Mai when someone does a quick trip outside the country to change an O-A to an O or rather to a visa exempt entry to go through the process to get an O with a retirement extension to drop the insurance requirement. We know many who have done this since the Covid requirements lifted and an immigration home visit doesn't seem to be part of the drill.
  6. Is there some reason you can't request a second serving? Also criticism that they weren't carving the second turkey was unfounded, implying it was "just for show". There was meat remaining from the first turkey. Give 'em a break. We've dined at Le Meridien when they've had a "pasta station" and the portions are small. No problem, go back and get another.
  7. I saw the photos the reviewer posted and they looked OK. All he had to do was ask for a second portion. I guess he is used to buffet eating, with the plate overloaded, rather than having food well-presented where you can appreciate each item.
  8. Perhaps you can convince your daughter that her mother is potentially making a very bad decision for her future. What sane person would think that asking to read a contract in advance of signing would somehow kill a deal? You, as your daughter's father have a duty to protect her, unless she's actually a stepdaughter that you've supported over the years and now you're discovering just how much all your support has really mattered when it comes to having input in life-altering decisions for your "daughter".
  9. Le Meridien Chiang Mai has announced a Christmas Day buffet and Christmas Eve set menu dinner. There are discounts for booking early. Details on their Facebook page.
  10. According to Wikipedia, the "Cold War dates" are 12 March 1947 to 26 December 1991. If you check the VA link I provided, you'll find that many of the years of the "Cold War" are considered as "Wartime Periods".
  11. I live in Chiang Mai and can vouch for Sheryl's recommendation of McKean. They have worked in conjunction with the palliative care center at CMU hospital for medications, etc. Your friend (and his soon-to-be widow) may be able to claim VA benefits if he served during a wartime period, even just for 90 days. He didn't need to actually serve overseas to be able to claim under this program: https://www.va.gov/pension/eligibility/ If he did serve in Vietnam or Thailand and a few other select areas and his cancer is one suspected of being caused by Agent Orange, then his medical costs could be covered here in Thailand by the VA Agent Orange program. He doesn't need to prove actual exposure to Agent Orange, just being in a certain location at certain dates. https://www.va.gov/disability/eligibility/hazardous-materials-exposure/agent-orange/
  12. There are councilors in the Mental Health Department of Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai. I'm surprised the doctor prescribing the medication for the OP's wife isn't already engaging in 1 on 1 therapy.
  13. Hubby received a second notice also and he sent his first letter back, also. DHL, FedEx, UPS isn't an option since the receiving address is a PO box. Have to use Thai post. First letter he sent from a Thai Post substation in a mall that I've always claimed isn't a "real post office". He has a difference of opinion. This time he's going to a "real" post office and will mail with a higher level of traceability.
  14. OK, this is in line with what three cardiologists in two countries have told me. I think they were close to believing that statins should be put into the drinking water. At the time, I thought they'd simply enjoyed too many expensive vacations from the pharma companies. But, Hubby and I continue to dutifully take our statins. I must admit, I tried Niacin first, endured the hot flashes side effects and found it didn't do much good. Fortunately, it was during a Michigan winter, so the hot flashes were welcome.
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