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Ir Codeset Between A True Vision (ubc) Remote And A Dstv Adb Set Top Box?


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Does anyone know the IR codeset between a True vision (UBC) remote and a DStv ADB set top box?

I have a Hauppauge PVR150 tv card (in a PC) with a IR Blaster (IR receiver/sender) to switch channels, but it does not do this.

To receive the TV signals I am using S-Video.

In the (IR) set-up configuration there isn't an Asia option, though there is a selection for "Hauppauge". I shouldn't think IR signals differ internationally so I guess this is a catch-all.

I have tried to force a code-set, using the 0682 codeset, which is shown as the code for a Europe DStv sat set-up. Though this is ignored.


Given what is said above, is there such a thing as a "sweet spot" to position the sender on the set top box?

I have tried the above questions in my local TrueVisions shop – to bewildered looks – the installers didn't even know.

Also, to enable Windows Media Centre (Vista), this too requires that the IR Blaster is working – is there anyway around that.

Can anyone assist?

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