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  1. I suppose there is a risk but I have neither the knowledge or experience to quantify it.
  2. Minus the costs that I otherwise would have paid if I self-processed the OA extension (6000b for insurance; 6000b [roughly] for money transfers) the final agent total comes in under 5000b. I think this is a fair price and is probably even a bit less now that I am able to invest the funds that would otherwise sit in a Thai bank account.
  3. After updating the app I could not get the pay by credit card feature to work - failed multiple times with different (foreign) cards. Used to work a charm. So, paid by True Money and that went through. Otherwise the app operates exactly as it did before.
  4. Live and learn - I was under the mistaken impression that because this is my first extension of the OA that 2-3 monthly deposits of 65k would suffice. If anyone has an agent recommendation I would be happy yo hear by PM. Have used Cambodia Inter Tour & Travel on Buakhaow for a few minor things and they seem reasonable…
  5. Yes, looks like the agent route at this point - I might leave and come back visa exempt, apply for a 90 day O based on retirement and then extend from there. I was hoping to avoid keeping 800k in the bank though as I think the opportunity cost lost on this amount is a wash with the agent fee, at a minimum, and so much easier. My nationality is USA.
  6. I will soon apply for a Non-OA extension at the Pattaya immigration office in Jomtien. This will be my first extension and I have a few questions: I would like to do the monthly 65K option - is this an option? I ask because I stopped by a visa agent to inquire about their prices and the agent insisted that the monthly option was not possible and that only the 800k option would work. I presume the agent is wrong? My OA visa expire in mid-December - by that time I will have made three (3) 65K deposits, Oct-Dec. Is this sufficient? All will be coded FTT. P
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