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Investing And Moving To Thailand

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I am a Pakistani citizen and looking to invest and setting up a company in Thailand. I have lived in Thailand from 1980 to 1994 and attended an reknown International school so I know the language and Thai customs and I like this country. Right now I am thinking of moving with my family to Thailand. I hear so many things therefore I would be grateful if someone can give me advice on visa and legal issues. Thanks.

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Whereabouts in Thailand are you thinking of moving to, just out of interest.

That would be Bangkok. Preferrably the Thonglor or Ekamai area.

my gf specializes in real estate in the tonglor/ekamai area. if u need those types of services hit us up on p.m.

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It seems that you need two separate threads, I will move this one to the Visas section so that you can get answers on that issue as those answers will determine whether or not you will move here.

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