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Chinese New Year


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No mention of the event at Bali Hai Pier here in the Pattaya forum.... no one went then ??...

There was some very good acrobatic performers on the first day 24th ( didn't take me camera )

25th was quite poor, much like the first day but without the good acrobatics.

26th was good lots of people turned up to watch the dragon shows.

27th Joey Boy was good.

There where plenty of food and drink venders for refreshment.

Best of all it was free !!!

...so a few pictures

post-2109-1233133721_thumb.jpg post-2109-1233133729_thumb.jpg

post-2109-1233133736_thumb.jpg post-2109-1233133746_thumb.jpg

post-2109-1233133757_thumb.jpg post-2109-1233133767_thumb.jpg

post-2109-1233133778_thumb.jpg post-2109-1233133785_thumb.jpg


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