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Internet Connection: Alternatives To True?


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Hi All

As my landline in my rented apartment belong to True, I went to their office to look for an internet connection. I couldn't get it though because of 2 problems:

1. The phone line is not in my name and trying to get my landlord's permission is somewhat problematic.

2. At the True office they mumbled something about the server being too busy around where I live (?) and that they aren't accepting any new subscriptions at the moment. They advised me to try again in a week or two in case somewhat cancels.

Anyway, I guess I have to find an alternative to their sevices. The True WiFi network in my condominium building is very weak so it is out of the equation. Also going to internet cafes or logging through wireless networks at shopping malls is not really for me because I usually need to use the internet at night.

so what do you suggest I should do? I am not a computer whiz, but still I would appreciate any advice that you have.

Thank you in advance


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