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Got My Car Aircon Fixed


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Aircon died on my Volvo and having read recent post on this forum, i tried the shops recommended with following results

Amnuay2, looked at car and said compressor running but not charging, cannot repair, have new one for 20,000baht + 3,000 for gas and fitting. This shop was very nice and clean and staff attentive. But i left thinking how to get by in Thailand without aircon and we not even in summer yet.

Checked internet again and another shop recommended, at beginning of superhighway, called Taksin, [signs only in Thai]. Young guy recently finished university specialized in aircon mechanics tells me after trying to gas it up, that comp no good, but can get recon unit from their bkk branch, 5,000baht +plus1200 for gas and fitting. So in we went today. problem was the recon unit they sent was wrong one, young guy scours CM for parts and rebuilds mine and does modification i requested. Total bill for a full days work, 2,900bahts.

Thanks TV forum members

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