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Where Are Thai Protesters Now?


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they are now in the governmental offices, running them. Some of those thai airways flight attendants mentioned in the article, do hope to eventually run the airline - if it still exists in the future.

still, as before, they are brainwashed by statist and nationalistic propaganda orchestrated by the military and the old, feudal polical class and still manipulated by them. Celebration picnic thrown by the army general, very well proves it

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I can just hear the flight attendant. "I protested against the government by blocking the airport until my airline went broke, now I'm protesting against the government because they did nothing to save my airline".

These sounds could echo right around thailand, in all sectors!


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At least in this article the BBC admits they don’t understand what the PAD movement is about, even though it is right in front of them in the people they talked to.

The PAD is a movement of the middle class which the BBC insist is the “well heeled” of Thailand. But then since I suspect the reporter rarely ventures far from Sukhumvit and the people working in the tourist industry, he doesn’t even know that a true middle class is emerging and this was their first excursion of flexing their political muscles.


PS - Hopefully anyone that chooses to respond to this will first look at the history of every successful democracy in the world and role the middle class played in that evolution.

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