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Rhesus Negative Blood Donation Needed


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A farang patient in Bumrungrad Hospital (Bangkok) is in urgent need of a transfusion of blood platelets. This means, the donor will get most of his/her blood back into the veins, just the platelets are removed and given to the patients.

Donor must be Group B, Rh negative, very rare in Thailand.

(Group 0 will not do.)

Donor must be healthy and over 17 years old.

Please contact:

Dr Harry, tel. 0870 842 637

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There is a rhesus negative forum at the following site-( wakeup.to/rhnegative )which is visited by people from all over the world, although you may find some people a little paranoid as people like David Icke have been making some strange accusations about us which have led to witch hunts in the past.

why do you not want o- blood. it is universal

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