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Laem Sor - Help

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We have never been to Koh Samui and think I have found the house I want (for a vacation in August) but I have a few questions on its location and am looking for some local knowledge.

Firstly, I understand that the summer tide makes the beach about 100m wide. My concern is that all websites show the beach with the tide in and that the exposed beach is not the perfect white sand that I am looking for. Any pictures or opinions greatfully recieved.

Secondly, the house looks like it is close to the Chedi but the website doesn't give details on any towns or villages nearby (i.e. restaurants or markets). I have tried Google but that wasn't much help. Does anyone know the local area, am I miles from anything?

Any other information will be appreciated.


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I can't help you with the tides but I think the closest market is going to be in Nathon. Probably about 15 minutes by car (SUV). You'll need a car down there for sure.

Looks like Sairee was listed on tripadvisor

Take a search there and perhaps the reviews can help.

There are restaurants all along the way. If you go the north you'll hit Nathon to the east you'll find plenty of things before the ring road...probably another 10-15 minutes. You'll be in the sticks but as long as you have a vehicle you'll be fine.

I know this area pretty well, it can vary. What months are you visiting and which house is it?

Wow - quick reply - thanks

We are due to be there in August, we are deciding between Ban Sairee and Ban Laem Sor.

Any advice?

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if you stay in lam sore the tide goes out a long way and there are many rocks although the beach is very quite.

You will be between 2 towns Lamai and Nathon about 12 kilometres either way, more night life Lamai, also great beach,many restaurants and hotels bars, Nathon is more for locals not much night life,although they have a small Tesco and many banks and a market, with small shops which sell most things, but no beach

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June and July are the two months where the tide goes right out here with August having the water come back slightly but still a way out. It is like this in most of the south of the island at this time with other areas like Pankar and Nathon losing a lot more water.

Being in Laem Sor, you have the peacefulness of the quiet beach with hardley any people around and stunning views out to the islands of Koh Mudsum, Koh Tan and Koh Rap as well as the mainland. If I recall correctly both of the villas you mentioned have their own private swimming pools so the need for the ocean is not necessarilly required.

Enjoy your holiday


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