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Toshiba L40 - How To Go Into The Bios?!? No Os...


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This is a brand new Toshiba L40 notebook, sold without OS. Am trying to change the BIOS to be able to install XP. But now I cannot go into the BIOS.

Very frustrating!

I remember the old days when instructions came up upon booting a computer... Now they keep it secret and let the users figure it out themselves. Some progress, huh? :o

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I also have an L40 satellite laptop (don't know if that means the same as your notebook). I only use my computer for email in Bangkok; normally I use an iMac apple computer in Hong Kong. I just know a few things, usually by trial and error, or asking someone at Toshiba in Hong Kong or Bangkok and they happen to tell me yet another undisclosed fact of how to operate that computer.

To restart and have everything reset to factory original, you simulataneously press number zero and the power on/restart button on the upper right hand side above the keyboard. It takes all together about 45 minutes to load everything (Vista on my L40), so be sure battery has enough juice or connect the power adapter when you do this zero restart. You also lose all files you have created on desktop. Hard disk is OK.

I have not loaded any other software onto my L40; only have factory software, basically Vista with internet explorer, and that's it.

I don't understand why your computer would be without an OS. If so, how can you start it up or do a restart?

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Thank you for your answer. Good to know this combination!

In the mean time, I learnt how to go into the BIOS: press the start key, then F2 and use an arrow simultaneously until you get to the BIOS. But, this won't fly. The HDD is detected automatically. Henceforth, I cannot change it.

Basically, Toshiba should put a sticker on this notebook class saying

Vista only :D

Some "saving", buying a notebook without OS. An online shop in German had a special price and they hid the "no O.S." part in the small print :D

I downloaded the recommended SATA Controller driver but this won't work for me during set up. Any experience with 250 Baht Vista DVDs? :o Maybe I'll find a sealed original on eBay.

Welcome to a new monopolistic world where an end user with no particular computer knowledge needs to buy Vista or forget all notions of using that expensive new notebook. In exchange, does Toshiba get a special deal on its OEM licenses? :D

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You may still score.

It's the SATA controller mode you need to change to persuade XP onto the machine, probably under 'advanced'.

I don't know your exact machine and BIOS so can't be more positive, but it will certainly be in there somewhere :o

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Crossy, since you seem quite knowledgeable about computers in general and maybe on the Toshiba as well, perhaps you did or maybe did not see my question on the other post about Toshiba notebook.

I have a L40 satellite, and on wi-fi, the computer connects to internet when at the Siam Paragon Toshiba shop and at the Subway/NY Deli shop on Silom Road. The building I live in on Sukhumvit soi 26 has wi-fi in the lobby, and other users can connect to internet with a Vaio or BenQ computer, but the Toshiba L40 cannot connect, and I can't figure out why. I have the remote switch on, press the FN - 8 buttons, and have cleared out all other wi-fi icons. But still refuses to connect to internet. Can you think of any special reason why the Toshiba refuses to connect here, while other users have no trouble connecting.

Plus I can't convince to have the Toshiba staff come to my building to check it out, because since it connects at their shop, their attitude is that it has nothing to do with the computer hardware or software.


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