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Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand


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Julia Bradbury goes in search of the perfect beach and is disappointed at the commercialism of The Beach. She instead goes swimming with sea gypsies of Koh Phi Phi and discovers there are still so...

Phi Phi has EVERYTHING. Thats why its so popular. From bustling villages that have thousands of tourists (no cars or motorbikes) to little beaches where you will see no foriegn faces but once or twice a day. It is THE BEST!!

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The Phi Phi Island Galleries Index lets you quickly navigate through all the Phi Phi Island Galleries, so you find what you need, when you need it. In addition to the Galleries of Phi Phi Island itself there are also a wide selection of Phi Phi Island Hotel Galleries available to view.

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Hello, thank you for the video George and Julia. The scenery and Julia are very beautiful, and it is well worth the money to get away from the regular tourist activities in a safe way. The air and water look to be very clean outside of the tourist areas, but it might be a good thing to let people know where you are going and with whom. Cheers.

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